Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cleaning up old files and finding gems

All day I have been blogging all over about the files I have found while cleaning and organizing my computer.  Something all writers need to do is to try to keep their ideas and fragments organized.  I wont say i have been the best at this but I am enjoying sorting things into new categories that will hopefully get more stories finished.  Who knows.  So many titles, so many stories and I just want to write them all!

Here is another gem I found.  I believe I started this one around the turn of the century.  It is a bit old but hey not as old as some of my other incomplete tales!


New friends
Chapter one
Just who is this stranger?

He came around the corner to a battle taking place. One of the large ones had hold of a woman. She was fighting with everything she had. He could see her right arm hanging, bloody at her side. She held some type of gun/rifle in her left and was firing repeatedly into the beast. It gave a great howl as the bullets struck it and charged the woman. Swinging with it's great paw, it knocked the gun out of her hand and grabbed her by the leg. Hefting her up, with it's claws sinking into her ankle, he lifted her up so that she dangled, head down, above the street. He was sure she was done in but she just twisted around and kicked with her free leg, jarring the beast enough that it let her go.

As she crashed down to the littered and broken pavement he rushed out from his hiding place and shouting out strange words flung his hands forward. A light of pulsing blue flared out and struck the beast in the center of the chest. It howled loud and long, as it dissolved into the air. He walked over slowly, keeping an eye out for the beast's mate. When he reached the side of the woman he was amazed to see her still breathing. Landing on your head from three feet in the air could easily crush the skull. She moaned and opened her eyes. There was a dazed glaze over them. He reached down and eased her head off the ground.

Reaching into his hip pack he pulled out an ampoule and broke it under her nose. Hoping she would react normally but you could never tell on this messed up world. She started up, sneezing. "*What?!*" She pushed back at his hand.

"Take it easy, now. I'm here to help." His voice was deep and smooth. The woman without meaning to, relaxed. "Let me look you over. You're covered in blood." He lowered her back to the pavement and slid his hands over her body, about an inch away.

"Not good here," he whispered more to himself than the woman. "The arm is broken in two places, compound at the elbow." He moved down to the leg the beast had held her up by. "The knee is all torn up," then the ankle. He hissed, "punctures. Not good."

Enya tried to get her eyes to focus. The blow to her head had addled her senses. "Who?"

Bending over her was a man with long, thick, black hair. He was doing unpleasant things to her but his voice held her still somehow. She felt trust. This bothered her but she couldn't remember why. "Why?" As he moved to set her arm she passed out from the pain.

"Not good, but it will be easier if you're not awake for all this, little one." The man continued working her wounds until he had them set and bandaged. Then he reached inside his shirt and pulled out a small silver cylinder. Placing it to his lips, he blew. Within a few moments a small car rounded the corner and stopped by his side. A small furry woman got out the passenger door and knelt down next to the man. "Careful, she's been badly injured." 


Gotta love stories where the main character falls through a time/space pocket to another world right?  I know there is a lot more to this one out there...can't wait to write it!

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