Monday, February 24, 2014

Book review of Stormcaller by PL Blair

Now I love a good urban fantasy, everyone who knows me knows this.  I was very lucky to win my copy of this book and very pleased that I got to read it.  I desperately want the following two books.  I happen to know the fifth book is in the works and a sixth is planned.  Gotta love long running series right?  Any way here is my review of this book!

February 07, 2014
This book picks up cleanly after the first book and takes you on a romping fast ride from Corpus Cristi to the Otherworld. The villain in this story is different enough to make it totally intriguing. I sat down and read this in one afternoon and now I really, really can't wait to read the next one. Kat and Tevis are a great pairing and well worth following. Read this book folks, you will love it!

Friday, February 21, 2014

New little friends or hey we had a family gundum build day

This Monday in Canada it was Family Day.  A national holiday where families are supposed to stay home and do things together.  The Williamson family obviously built gundums.  After all it is something we all like to do.

Now the hubby, being a wee bit more advanced at this (okay MUCH more) did a 1/144 scale suit kit which came out rather nice and then he canalized it for something else!  But this will give you an idea what he did

Really nice don't you think?  Well the daughter on the other hand wanted to do the BearGuy gundum.  Yes it is cute but from what i have seen in the anime it can be pretty tough too!  Here is her take on him.

Yes he is cute but that is a laser coming out of his mouth!

And finally I did two separate SD gundums...yes I am still doing SDs.  There are so many of them that I have not trouble finding new ones.

Okay so the pictures so the other gundums but you have a good view of the two I worked on.  The first one surprised me because I expected the sword to have clear blue plastic bits to snap in but nope.  I will have to go back and paint it I guess.  The second one is called the Command gundum and it is one of the first I have done that had GUNS!  I mean this guy takes the whole armament thing over the top!  But he was fun to build.  The hubby switched his toys up a bit so that the rocket launchers and the rail guns make a major weapon in front of him instead of hanging off his shoulders.  This guys needs some camo I think!

So you can see we are having a lot of fun with the family gundum day.  Pretty soon i have got to do the Dragons against gundums!