Tuesday, January 22, 2013

behind behind behind

I really need to get on top of all my blogs don't I?  No jokes please!  With all the net and computer issues over the past month or so I haven't been a good doobie but i will get better.

Hey I think I will mention all the wonderful places you can find my poetry now!  How is that?  I have poems in a few collections and on a few pages too.

So to start, the most important one is not my new, fabulous book of poetry and photography but a collection I wrote a specific poem for.  This would be the collection called Angel's Cried


This ebook/paperback is a collaboration by a number of Facebook writers and poets and artists.  We decided to put a book together to raise money for the Sandy Hook Elementary families.  So far is is moving slowly but surely.  Every penny we raise is being sent to them with none going back to the writers/poets/artists involved.  So if you feel charitable then please pick up a copy

Next is an odd collections of poets from around the world who accepted one of my short poems to be added to theirs.  Most of these poets are from India and are very talented at what they do.

50 Magical Voices contains one of my seasonal poems


And yes both links are for the Amazon UK site but of course you can get them on the US or your local site too!

Now on to my new and wonderful book.  Okay after all the work I did on this I better think it is wonderful right?  Love, Loss and Loneliness is a book of 50 poems and 50 photographs taken by yours truly.  The poems are mostly just in alphabetical order and the photos are there to make you feel better after reading some of my darker stuff.  Yes I could have made a better book but you know what?  I like how it came out.  The poems where from a hard time in my life and the photograph grew out of me trying to find the beauty in my new home.  There is so much beauty hiding under your nose.  The most common little weed can be the most amazing thing when seen through a lens.  So if you want to take a look please go here


The last book I have with poems in it is the collection of 6 erotic stories and six poems call Distance Means Little to Love.  I took the erotic tales I had written over the years that had two reoccurring characters and put them together in this little book.  It is becoming more common I think for couples to have to learn to deal with separation and the ability to keep love and passion alive while miles apart is a difficult one.  In part it was a way for me to deal with my own long distance love affair before we finally managed to marry and live happily together.  Hope you enjoy, this is one of my forays into erotic story telling.


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