Friday, August 16, 2013

Dragons, inspiration, magic or just a really cool toy?

Yup yesterday I said I would put up pics of my dragons but not just any of them.  These photos are of a line of kids toys known as megablock dragons.  They are snap together creatures with fun colors and poseability.  My sweet hubby got these for me a while ago.  Now they are getting hard to get since the company has stopped making them.  Figures right?  The fun thing with them is you have the big ones that look great and then you have the little ones that you can use in all kinds of fun little dioramas.  I have set them up from time to time attacking my hubby's Kreo transformers and next I plan to set them up in little battles with my SD gundams.  Here are some of the ones I have.

These guys are fun as you can see.  I have an army of yellow dragons and a scattering of other colors.  Of course my current favorite is the bottom image.  He is a draco lich...a skeleton dragon.  Unlike the ones above him he had a ton of parts.  It took me most of an hour to put him together.  He was filled with blue crystal lego pieces.  The others are a body, arms and legs, head and tail and wings and you are done. While I have them set up in various ways right now once I get the gundams built (and my daughter goes back to school!) I can play around and make little battles with them.  I may be almost old I am still a kid at heart and these are fun.

While I write a lot of interesting tales I don't put all my crazy creativity into my stories.  Sometimes you have to get out your toys and just play right?  Besides there is only so much I can do with my dragon characters (so far)

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