Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Releases, yes I do release my own stories

Since August ends on Monday and this weekend is a holiday I decided I would release the three stories I had been holding onto.   Three different tales from three different series Not Just Another Morning of Business, Guardians of the Gate City side story 1:  Sheldon is one of Harry’s friends, a dragon who deals in information.  He is not having a good morning. Now and Forever (Mythos of Love, #3): Sometimes the pledge you make to your Lord is not what you expected The Pest House, Death Walks Through 9: Pest houses are where they took those very contagious to get better or die but not everyone taken there were sick.

Now these are obviously only the most recent of each of these series.  I have really started to like writing in my series.  My tales are short so it helps keep me on track.

I have been spending the past week trying to come up with a new title for my upcoming horror stories.  While they are not as dark as more horror stories they are darker than my other stuff.  Most mental horror stories I guess.  I am hoping I can come up with something good.  I have tossed around things like Twists of the Mind or Dark Dreams but I will come out with something.  There are six tales in the works that will fall into this short stories series.  Yes more short stories in the works!

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