Saturday, September 1, 2012

trying to decide what to do

Since I decided to let my mind rest after finishing the first full draft of Nightmares  I decided to look into three of the hundred or so waiting stories I have.  Now I have a problem.  Should I work on "Whether to Save Face or Family", "The Price of Freedom" or "The Traveler".  Now these three are the furthest along of the tons of stories I have.   Face is in fact half the size of the book I have set aside for a bit.   All three are good stories, all three have great hooks and all three are in that limbo place that works longer than 30 pages have with me.  I get stuck and then I have to decide if I can pull them together and work on them.  Now of course I could go back to "The Battle of the Star Beast", that story is almost as long as Face.  So urban fantasy, true fantasy, science fiction or science fantasy.  So hard!  I should put up bits and see what people say I guess.

Well I am gonna be lazy and watch XMen now.  It is a good movie and fun.  I need some good relaxing fun.