Thursday, August 15, 2013

Getting interested in your spouse's hobby can be fun

Anyone who knows me knows that my hubby is a builder.  I don't mean actual buildings but models.  His favorite to build are of course gundams. Now if you don't know what they are I can show you easy enough.  They are robots from a japanese animation series.  This is one of the long running ones.  According to my hubby it has been out over 30 years!

As a fan of the show he of course knows every season and series of model.  Me, I find the anime a wee bit tiresome and well filled with old cliches but I admit the models are cool.

Now being a good wifey (yes no laughing here I am a good one!!) I said I would like to learn how to do the models.  The fancy HUGE ones he had are way too hard for a beginner but this little series of SD or super deformed ones seemed easy enough.  And to be honest there is a series of 12 minutes episodes that go with them and the story while a wee bit over the top is fun, funny and beautiful at the same time.

Now back to the models.  The first one he had me put together was of a horse.  Yes a horse,  If you know me you know I adore the image of horses.  The strength, the look as they run and their liquid soft eyes.  My first book that I owed as my very own was Black Beauty, so starting me with a horse made sense.

Another reason it did was well it was an easy kit.  This was considered a level two kit.  Simple and easy to put together so i did it.

As you can see he is a robot horse.  Now this was only partially done.  We decided to remove the stickers on his hooves and eyes and actually paint him.  He now is chrome and is really cool!

The second kit was a tad more difficult.  Still done in the SD size he had a lot more parts.  I can't remember his real name but I call him Mister Sticky stabby.  You can see why here:

Yes he has a ton of weapons.  What I hadn't realized when we got this kit is that he is a convertible kit.  Yes like the transformers that my hubby has this is a robot with a disguise...okay just another bigger form

Once I finished this one well I just had to do another one.  My third kit is Ryubi and he is still an SD gundam but he is a mega sized kit.  Now that confused me quite a bit but when I opened the box it made sense.  He is bigger than mr stabby but he is still that fun shape as you can see

We had to use the big stand for him but he was so cool and he has more accessories than Paris Hilton!

Now we have plans to black wash this.  Black washing or panel lining is a technique that helps bring out all the molded details on these plastic kits.  It was a lot easier than  I expected and I plan on doing him up this weekend.  After that we or more I will be using the hubby's airbrush (eekk) and putting a clear coat finish on the model.  See the foily stickers will peel up if not coated down.  A new thing for me to learn.

I had so much fun with these that I now have a bunch more to build.  Now the artwork on these boxes is quite good.  As you can see from these photos.

 These kits go from extremely simple (the first one) to really complex (the second kit) So I will be having fun and playing with these guys over the next few weeks.  I will post up more images as i work on my little friends.  And cooler still is that my hubby is planning on building me a shelf for my little guys and they come with enough friends that I can use my daughters legos, build castles and then make fun scenes with my dragons.  Tomorrow I think i will post up images of my megablocks dragons.  They are silly too but fun!

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