Monday, January 27, 2014

Review of a paranormal romance series...yes I do read that stuff

Well with all the snow that seems to never stop I have been reading a lot.  Instead of being the good little writer that I am I have been catching up on new authors and their series.  This weekend since I was having trouble sleeping due to arthritis pain I managed to read all of the current Chicagoland Vampire books by Chloe Neill.

Oh this series was fun.  Starting with the common problem of a lot of heroines of not asking to be made into a vampire this story could have gone so many very ways.  Thankfully it was handled beautifully.  This series, while officially a paranormal romance, doesn't get into the romance part until the middle of the series.  The attraction/repulsion between the heroine and her maker is handled very well.

Like always I find myself enjoying more the secondary characters in this series.  Luc, the guard captian, Lindsey, one of the guards.  Jeff, the shifter computer genius, Chuck, the grandfather/retired cop and currnet head of the Omnibud office.  all this characters give a great depth to the tales being woven.

I looked over the reviews on amazon and I was surprised at the negativity in some of them.  The advantage of sitting down and reading the entire series in one shot you get a chance to see the characters develop and grow, the story unfold and all the interesting threads that are being woven.  Other reviewers seem to think that the sixth and seventh book were not as good as the ones previous and I have no idea why.  I found that the tale slowly evolved just as it should.  There was no stutters, no overworked bits or skinny light bits.  This is a fun series.  Not too dark or too light, a nice mix of good writing, great characterizations and interesting battles.  So I would say get this one for sure.

Now the author has another series.  This second one has not grabbed me the way that Chicagoland Vampires did but then it is a YA paranormal.  As much as I find I like paranormals, I am not so into ones meant for teens.  They tend to be less..everything for me.  While they are the most popular genre out there right now the stories most times just come off too light.  Occasionally you get something amazing but so far Ms Neill's Dark Elite series just doesn't grab me.  I will have to try again and hope it does.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Patricia Briggs

Okay I admit it, I have been a bad, bad blogger and writer.  I have taken time off to just sit back and read a few books.  Now if you know me you will realize that a few books is not two or three but more like ten.  I decided I needed to read and I just sat back and started with Ms Briggs Alpha and Omega books.  I had read her Mercy Thompson books before and this nice little series about Charles and Anna are a great pairing.

She deftly deals with the type of damage that being made into a rape toy would have on a woman.  As a turned werewolf Anna should have been taken care of, taught what she should be.  As an Omega she should have been treasured.  Charles' reaction to her is beautifully handled.

As an author I find I enjoy the well told tale even more.  A lot of writers tell me that they get caught up in structure and grammar or other little things.  I will say yes I found some things bug me more but I also have found I really understand and enjoy the work that goes into these tales.  The research and the understanding of how things should be.

These three books are strong examples of good storytelling.  They were so good and of course I had to go back and re read the Mercy Thompson books that I had all ready read.  thankfully there were three more that I had not read and one more on the way.  Spending a full day and half reading is a way of being recharged as a writer.

So today I honor Patricia Briggs and her amazing characters.  The rich world she has created filled with coyotoes, werewolves and magic is well worth spending time in.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Okay back to work...or how about another review I wrote?

After a month of computer issues, sickness, holidays, birthdays, and book releases I admit I have not been blogging like I should.  I have too many blogs I think at times but I like keeping my various selves separate.  I have put up reviews of some of the amazing indie authors I have had the pleasure of discovering over the past two years but I thought hey you do read other stuff too!

So instead of a review of a bright new star I figured I could put up one of my reviews of an established writer who is part of the traditional publishing world. 

Charlaine Harris is a name that most in the paranormal romance field know.  Many of us have come to adore the show based on her Sookie Stackhouse books, True Blood but she has written many others books.  Most that I have read fall into that paranormal romance category but not all of her work does.  This book is one from outside the field she is so well known for.

A Secret Rage could be considered a woman's book, a mystery or a literary fiction.  Published back in 2007 it is a very different piece of work.  here is my review.

5.0 out of 5 stars Everything old is new, December 16, 2013
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: A Secret Rage (Kindle Edition)
After becoming a huge fan of Ms Harris' paranormal novels I really had to read everything I could find.

This novel is a simple gothic told in her style. It has little bit of southernisms that you expect from this multitalented author. The characters are crisp and intelligent and strong. The dark theme of rape and its effect on the women who suffer it is handled cleanly and well. Being set in the deep south like most of her novels this tale shows us the different ways that subcultures within our own deal with the victim.

I was actually both surprised and happy at how she dealt with the climax of this story. While the subject matter is dark this novel left me feeling content.

Monday, January 6, 2014

I have two new little friends!

Okay not so much friends as I have built two new gundams.  I am getting better at them and they don't take me as much time as I expect them to anymore.  No they aren't as cool as the ones my hubby builds but they are rather nice and cute.  So here you go

Okay these are of the same two little guys (or not so little on one of them).  I did not take these..these were taken by a combo of my daughter and my hubby...they are fun little guys.  both of them convert to other modes but I generally keep them in the same form all the time but my hubby loves to play with them.  I have another one coming in the mail soon that will be a centaur!  And it can combine with others so I will probably take one photo with legs, horn and wings...just cause I can!