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Where is spring?

Well I think it might be spring.  Can't tell because of the snow falling right now but the seeds in my kitchen have mostly sprouted.  Those tiny little shoots of green have put me in a better mood for sure.  Simple little veggies that I hope will make it to harvest come the fall. 

The baby squirrels that had been racing around on the fence out my window have gone back to sleep for a bit thanks to the cold.  Too bad since they were so fun to watch.

I am thinking of trying out new recipes yet again.  My brownies of course are now old hat.  I have memorized them and tweak as needed when the air is too dry, etc.  Muffins are the same.  I can substitute any number of different fruits and they come out quite yummy.  Today I will need to make a new batch, lemon I think.  But I need something new in my collection of cooking.  Something to celebrate, well to celebrate just being alive for another spring right?

Not that I have been sick but it is good to celebrate the little things.  Even if you are just celebrating getting up without a lot of pain, it is worth it.  Something to lift the heart and the soul.  A good cup of tea and a bit of music playing and just smiling at the world around you.  Do it folks, don't let the world get you down.  Yes it happens but we all need to remember that we are alive and things can always get better!

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Monday, March 4, 2013

I keep doing it! Forgetting to comment over here!

Well I will have to reorganize all my links so I can post here too!

I have been very busy since my last post back in January.  I put out Revenge finally.  For those of you reading this and not in the know that is the second book of the Saga of Loralil Greyfox.  The first book has been reviewed with a solid four star ranking so far.  People think that is it dark..and well yeah it is.  Revenge is also but in a different way.  I can only hope that the readers of Endings will be looking forward to reading the longer and better written sequel.

Yesterday I put up a new story in the Death Walks Through short story series.  The story is titled The Red Ghost Rides and it is a short short but still a fun retelling of an old American south western legend.  I hope people will look for it where ever they buy ebooks.  There will be a fifth story in that series up once I get my butt in gear and make a cover.

I have also made two new book trailers.  Endings can be found both on youtube like all my trailers and it is the first of my trailers up on viveo.  You can see it here.


I am about halfway through my next novel. The Traveler is a lighter (for me) fantasy novel.  This one might just fit in the YA category, or so I hope.  After all that is a huge market right?

I have also started putting up my really short short stories over on Wattpad.  These will be freebies to let people see how I write.  The first one, In Space No One Can Hear You Scream, was written as part of a Halloween short story contest on amazon's Space station discussion group.  It was so much fun that I have written two more that will go up, you guessed it, when I make covers for them!.  I plan on posting a longer story too, A Bargain with Fur.  That is a retelling of a Japanese folk story inspired by a filk song I have.  While I could probably sell it I don't feel right doing so but I hope people will enjoy it.

Now I thought I had put Sins of the Father up on Wattpad but I was wrong.  That fan fiction greatest hits (for me) is up over on Goodreads.  Anyone who wants to reread (or read for the first time) my most popular story you can find it there.