Wednesday, May 27, 2015

More Manga that you should try to read

In my series of reviews I thought I can just pay attention to the manga that are out there for a bit. As I have all ready reviewed Black Bird, you have a clue of what i mean. This week I have been digging through older manga for some fun.

The first one is Eatman by Akihito Yoshitomi. This manga came out back in the late 90s and is one of the odder ones from that time. Bolt Crank is an adventurer. He goes about doing jobs for those who hire him. The biggest difference? He eats guns, bolts, nuts, pretty much anything metal. When he needs them he can then have whatever he ate pop out of his hand.

This manga series was made into an anime which is how I was first introduced into Bolt. The manga gives us more information into his back story than the series that I have seen so far. It looks like there is a fem fatale, Stella who wants to turn the world into androids. And that is part of twist to this series. Is Bolt a human or is he this Leon they keep referring to? You have to read the manga to find out.

The second one is A Fairytale for a Demon Lord. Now this is actually a Korean manga and each issue is short. The imagery is pretty striking but the tale can be confusing. Either the copies i had were not in order or the story jumps around a bit. I definitely enjoyed this one for the confusion though. I was surprised in the last couple of issues because of the twists that were thrown in. This one is great for those who like things that are not easy to understand.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Another comic review....Black Bird...wait that is a manga!

Welcome back readers. As I said before I now have a tablet which I can read comics on. What a joy this is for sure. Moving all the ecomics I have over has been a trial for sure. Thank goddess for having a computer guru hubby. I just am not used to the android OS.

Now as the title says I am reviewing manga this week. One of the joys of the world wide web is the easy access to titles from around the world. Back in my more paper filled world I had discovered this sweetly dark magic filled series called Black Bird. In this series we have the typical cute young girl who is more than she seems. Misao seems like a slightly off young woman. She falls down a lot and cries at odd times. In reality this young woman is being swarmed by creatures that no one else can see. Mushi (remember those from Mushishi?) find her irristable.

In comes a handsome young man who also can see those 'demons' and offers to help her. Only problem is he is not what he seems. He gets her out of the open and then proceeds to attack her, claiming that he wants her blood! No he isn't a vampire. He is a demon and it turns out that Misao is something called a Senka. A once in a hundred years human girl who is born special. Demons who drink her blood will live longer and grow stronger, those that eat her flesh will become immortal and the one who 'embraces' her will become the head of their clan.

Yup another magic filled series. This one is at heart a romance though. Kyou comes to her rescue, fighting and chasing off the other demon. He is a tall and handsome young man who explains things to her. Though of course he is more than he seems. You see Kyou is a Tengu, a Japanese shapeshifting Crow spirit. very cool of course. It turns out he was Misao's closest friend when they were little and he went away ten years ago. He is back to claim her to be his bride and the story goes on from there.

So far I have read through to chapter 46 (issue 13) and I am thoroughly hooked on this one. The art is amazing, the characters are rich in the way that only Japanese myth characters can be and the love story has a sweetness that is quite often over looked. It does from time to time descend into cliche but for the most part this is a fabulous series. One well worth spending the time to pick up and read.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

This week how about comics?

I received the gift of a tablet and I have been enjoying reading e copies of comics with it. One of the current trends in fantasy is authors doing short stories as graphic novels. From Jim Butcher to Sherrilyn Kenyon we get fill in stories that are richer in their own ways than the novels that bookmark them.

So far I have been reading what I can get my hands on. From Jim Butcher I have been enjoying reading War Cry, a short tale set after Harry was first drafted into being a warden. The images are dark and the story is like watching a serious action film. There are all the punches you want to see in good Urban fantasy. While I only have four issues so far this is really good. The first three issues are from Harry's POV and the fourth switches to his brother, Thomas' POV. Lots of fun is found inside the pages of this series and I can't wait to pick up the rest of this series as it comes out.

Another Butcher graphic novel is Ghoul Goblin. This one is set a lot earlier in Harry's career and deals with a contest between a ghoul and a goblin for who will kill the most members of a designated family. Again I have read the whole thing yet but another great tale from the pen of one of my all time favorite authors.

The first in the graphic novels done by Jim Butcher was Welcome to the Jungle. A four part graphic novel that was set very early in this universe. If you can pick up this one and start the world here. Like Mr Butcher's various short stories it really does add to your enjoyment to the world that he created.

I am working on picking up manga now to read on my tablet. Having a wee bit of trouble but soon it should work.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Now for something different...a comic book review

Yup I know I have been doing short story reviews and images over here but this week I got the gift of my very own tablet. So of course the first thing I did...access digital comics! The hubby is a tech guru and has managed to set me up so I can read comics. The first thing I did was go and get the newest Elfquest series. The Final Quest. I am happily reading through these as fast as I can (okay only the first time and yes i will read it over and over)

The first story brought me right back into why I adore this series. The issue brought me all the way back to the first issue I read way back in 1982. The sights and The Pinis are some of the most amazing creators I have read over the years.

Yes i call them creators. They write, draw and edit the whole thing and that makes them creators.

This first issue is bringing the elves of this scattered world back together with new characters, new relationships and new troubles. It is supposed to tie up all the various dangling threads that exist in the older world of Elfquest and I think I spotted a note that they will be gathering together the strings from Future Quest and completing that too!

As a fan I have been waiting oh so many years for these stories to be completed. And I will be breathlessly waiting for each and every issue.