Monday, June 1, 2015

Its June and time for more reviews

This week I have a few reviews for you. the amount of manga that is up for reading is quite amazing. As with any other form of fiction, there are good and bad examples. This week I have reviews that cover that range. Enjoy!


 First up one of the mangas that is a little older and complete


Yuraru no Tsuki by Chika Shiomi

This fun manga is a cross of the high school love triangle and the magical/mystical story types that are so popular in manga/anime.

Yuraru is a cute high school girl who is being followed by ghosts that no one else seems to be able to see. When the school year starts she finds herself set between two very popular boys in the school.

Both boys have special abilities and can see these ghosts. Both boys tease her, yet they both really like her. When a ghost needs help to move on something different happens. Yuraru's form changes from the cute and short girl to a much taller and sexier long haired woman.

and thus the fun begins. One boy Mei, is in love with Yuraru in her cute form and the other, Yako, is in love with her in her sexy adult form.

How they work out things and what we learn about the other form is what makes this story is interesting. the characters are rich and fun and the art is amazing.


Next we have another completed manga. This one is a bit darker but quite a good read


A Million Tear Drops by Yuana Kazumi

Another of the manga types I like to call mysterious. Filled with pretty boys and a touch of dark magic, this manga is a fun read for the older reader.

We start out with a teen boy who notices that members of his basketball team are disappearing, and worse, no one seems to remember that they exist.  A new boy shows up at the school and things get really interesting from there. It seems that Hiromu is not who he thinks he is and that is girlfriend is not the girl he thinks.

A completed story that gets dark in the second volume this story is rich and filled with some very Japanese themes. Understanding who you really are and dealing with things like pain, loss and even death, this I would not recommend for readers under puberty but it is will worth it for the more mature reader.


Finally we have one that well....just read the review


Wing by Kim Youn Jung

Well I tried reading this one but it just didn't catch me. The first issue has the typical silly unfocused young girl who really is more concerned about food than geting to school on time. She is a bit of a knockoff Of Usagi from Sailor Moon. I had hoped I would find it better by the end of the issue but I was not even interested in opening the other issues. As sometimes happens this one just is a dud for me.


There you go, three reviews for the price of one....and as this is a free blog you are quite lucky! I have more reviews all ready written for other manga but I will only do so many each week. Go, read, and enjoy. There is a world of comic books, graphic novels and manga for you to enjoy.