Monday, February 23, 2015

Another blast from the past or art that I think is amazing

This week I don't have a review for you. I have been busy doing so much else that I just didn't remember I needed to do one. So instead I thought  I would put up a bunch of lovely images that are hiding inside of my hard drive. The past forty years have given us some amazing book covers and just plain art.

These pieces are some of the most interesting I have. I have them listed as Bell but if you look on the images you will see Valient at the bottom corner and Julie. I believe the artist is Julie Bell, who was married to one of my all time favorites, Boris Valejo. These are almost photo realistic pieces of art. You can almost hear the movement of these people and creatures.

Monday, February 2, 2015

A short story review and of course art again

Well this week I decided I needed to review one of the tales from the anthology, The Solaris book of New Fantasy. Now just so you know I did review the whole book over on Booklikes and this is not one of my favorite anthologies because it tries to be something it is not. But having said that there was one tale that touched my heart and made it worth the money I had paid for the book.

That tale is The Song Her Heart Sang by Steven Savile. This tale is a type of love story written in fantasy. As someone who has done a few fantasy romances in the past year, I have come to really understand how hard it is to mix the two genres. .

This tale has a man who goes to a lost city to find something to help his love see for the first time. His travails are what you would expect of a man who is not an adventurer heading into danger but his motivation is what makes this tale both heartwarming and strong. Of all the tales in this book, this one is the best.

Now for some pretty pictures right?

This week I didn't go for a specific artist because I just wanted something pretty and of course faeries, dragons and unicorns are some of the prettiest things I have.