Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Writers reading stories written by writers about a story about a writer

Okay was that confusing enough?  Everyone knows I am a huge fan of tv/movies/books and music right?  One of the shows I watch faithfully is Castle.  I started watching of course because of Nathan Fillion.  Who wouldn't?  He is funny, handsome and a very talented actor.  But a funny thing happened.  The show turned out to be a lot deeper and a lot better than I expected.  So I kept watching.  The fact that he is playing an author on the show was in no small part why this show grabbed me.

They would mention his different books and then go on to work on what ever murder they had to solve that week.  Fun and fluff all at the same time right?  Well recently on a goof I decided to go to amazon and see if they actually put out any of the books that Richard Castle refers to.  And wouldn't you know it they did!

Yes I have complained about famous people getting all the notice because of their name but I thought hey this is a fictional book by a fictional character.  Lets see if they actually got a good writer or if one of the many talented script writers tried their hand at writing a novel.  Yes folks these are two very different skill sets.  I am a short story and novel writer, I have never even tried to do a script and I hold those who do in high regard but that isn't what this is about.

The first Nikki Heat book started out a bit rough, kind of what I expect but then I got sucked in.  I could see where the fictional Richard Castle had included himself and the fictional Kate Beckett in the stories but it was fun and lighter than a lot of the murder mystery/cop thriller books out there are.  So I decided to go ahead and read the rest. 

Let me tell you I can't wait for the fifth book!  They are slowly getting much better.  The writer (who every he or she is) has managed to catch the flavor of the fictional Richard Castle  and made the books fun and worth reading.  By ending the books with a cliff hanger of sorts it makes you want to read the next.

Just on a hoot I went and looked up Richard Castle on Wiki and whoa.  A very well done page with lots of books that you can actually download.  Amazing.  I wish I had such a nice page.  I decided right then that I might as well read the read of the so called Richard Castle books.  I have read four of the Derrick Storm books and they are the typical spy book with a bit of tongue in cheek and attitude.  Again a fun and fast read for a voracious reader like myself.

It was hysterical last night that they broadcast an episode with the fictional character who was the basis for Richard Castle's fictional female spy.  The episode was a lot of fun, actually had the same flavor as both of the series and of course had a dramatic cliff hanger at the end!  Yes these are reruns so I am lucky enough to be able to see the second part tonight but it was just pure unadulterated fun.

As a writer I dream of someday seeing my work in other forms.  I would love to see things like Guardians of the Gate city made into a short series.  The Saga of Loralil Greyfox made into an anime and even maybe my Death Walks Through tales made into a manga.   We all dream these things, wel don't dare hope but we dream.  Right now I will admit I just want to find a few (thousand) readers who love my tales and will read them and comment on them to me and the world.  I have a few fans who I adore having and I will continue to write what I can till the day I can't.

So as you can see my blog title is weird but it is accurate.  I am a writer who reads books about writers who write books about a writer in their books...confusing but fun and that is what reading and writing is all about to me.  Confusion and fun and maybe the ability to open up the mind of a reader to something they never thought of before.

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