Monday, July 30, 2012

Write, write and write some more..then edit

Yup doing just that.  A Watery Grave is moving along and might be done today if I can decide a couple things through the building headache.  I am not sure if it is the focus, the kids in the background or the weather but darn it all i am going to finish this one up.  I need to move forward with other long awaited stories, really I do.

Endings is up on Amazon now, as is Sacrifice.  Endings being on another site will never be a free download but Sacrifice I have set up to be free Tuesday.  Here is hoping I get some movement and a review or two out of it.  Ice finished up a respectable 179 downloads.  Can't argue with that now can I?  Okay a few more sales would be nice but hey two actual paid for sales?  It is a start right?

Got the cover fixed on Sacrifice too.  I know the story is set in a dark place but I guess having it on my cover was not a good idea.  Figures.  When I finish up A Watery Grave I will have to do a pretty cover.  Now to do that I need those photos my daughter said she would take for me.  After all if you are going to have a real place in the story why not have a photo of the real place right?  Could be interesting.  If it gets any movement that is.  Hope Everlasting has not moved at all.  Now that surrpised me.  One More All Hallows had respectable downloads...yeah mostly free but I thought that would have led people to trying out the second story.  It isn't priced too bad either.  Well I will put it on free for a day when I put up A Watery Grave.

Okay time to go back to deciding just how Harry et all will defeat the Mari-morgens and keep Sandy Pond a safe place for fishermen and kids.

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