Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Morning sunshine all around

Well been a busy morning.  Lots of nice people giving us condolences on our loss.  As nice as it is I would rather we still had Stephen in our lives but these things happen.

The day is cooler thankfully.  Which made running to the store (okay walking we all know lisa cant run) to get the cocoa.  Gotta make the brownies soon.

Now writing wise it was cool to see this this morning:


This is a site that advertizes indie author's books.  Now since I got in on the beta test my book is advertised for free.  Not huge when it is just links through to my amazon book but hey it is a start right?  Now if we can get those who link through to actually buy the book I would be happy. 

And it is a great deal after all.  The kindle copy, which is where the link goes, is a great deal.  99 cents for six awesome short stories.  How can you beat that right?

Well back to making another poem video.  Since getting Harry to tell me his story isn't working so well today I figured I have other avenues of expression.  Yeah I could move to Destiny's story or more of Loralil's tales but I want to put my poems out for reading too.

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