Monday, July 23, 2012

whoops forgot this isn't connected

Yeah silly me..I forgot I need to post on all my blogs, not just one.  Been so busy making book covers and book trailers, poem videos and well just plain writing.  So I will babble for a little here.  Yeah I have been posting stuff up on Amazon.  Got Echoes of Elder Times started and Guardian of the Gate City and of course Death Walks through.  All three series in the faces of those who are willing to read SHORT fiction over the overly long if well written novels out there.  I write short..we all know that.  Or those crazy people who read my stuff do.

Just put Ending, book one of the Saga of Loralil Greyfox up on Kobo.  Should take a couple of days for complete processing.  Now that one is a bit more pricey than my other stuff.  Being a complete (to me) novel I put it up for $3.99.  My Novella, The Knight Protector I had put up on Smashwords and Amazon at $2.99 and the short stories vary, either being 99 cents or $1.99 if they are longer.  So I am slowly taking over.  Not really but I am publishing.

I have had one sale of the paperback, and so far one sale of Partings, one of One More All Hallows Eve, One of Ice and one of Passing the Torch.  Too bad Night and Day hasn't seen movement since the free offering.  No one has bought it.

I have reviews and that is cool.

Partings has three, One More All Hallows has four, Night and Day has one and Passing the Torch has one.  Nothing so far on reviews for Knight Protector, Gates, Hope Everlasting or Ice.  Course Ice has only been up for about two days so I don't expect that one to have reviews as of yet.

I have been getting views on my book trailers and poem videos.  Even got a comment from one person.  So I guess that is a start.

Now it is too hot to stay here in front of my machine.  Time for a cold drink.

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