Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rain is here today

Yes we are actually getting rain and are mostly happy for it.  Okay yeah having my hubby have to walk home in it isnt good but we need the water obviously.  Heck was all know that the North American continent needs water.  The whole thing is mostly in drought.  So let it rain..I dont mind.

Blogging, writing, reading and cooking.  Trying to do so many things at the same time.  Need to settle a bit I think.  Had fun making those yummy muffins.  And I am just gonna have to work on putting my recipes together.  If I can get a good little book together who knows?  It might do better than the fiction.  Though really I want to be known for my fiction.  After all I have been working for so long on most of these tales.

The erotic fiction now that might be interesting.  I have 20 stories currently that would be worth putting in collections.  They aren't the wilder of my stories, almost sweet really if sex could be called sweet.  Trying to figure out what to do.  It is popular right now.  Do I want to jump on a bandwagon just because it is popular?  Can I actually put those tales into print?  Should I use a pen name?  Not sure.  I will have to mull it over.

And better yet what should I call them?  Coming up with titles for my series are hard enough but to come up with titles for erotica that don't sound tacky, harder.  Then there is what should I do for the covers?  I will figure it out soon enough but for now I just want to figure out how to get my other works noticed by readers.

The free downloads tend to top out around 130 copies.  Of those I have gotten a total of nine reviews.  And I seem to get about a sale or two.  Yeah that is all so far.  Now I have only been selling my stories since May so I can't say I am doing horrible.  In this world of instant gratification being n author is still slow.  Very slow.  People have to find you, then decide they want to buy/download your words, then read them, then they might comment.

I am happy with the comments I have gotten.  Even those that are not uber positive.  Nice that I have gotten some though.

Okay time to work.  Harry is being good at the moment and talking to me.  Seems this little tale needs to be concluded.  Here is hoping it will be by the end of the month like I planned.  After all I should probably move on and finish up Destiny's story, she has waited a while for her story to be told.  Yeah those are characters folks and yes they need their stories told.

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