Sunday, July 1, 2012

Old poems and free kindles

Well yesterday before the day made me too queasy to work I was sorting through my old poetry.  Now some of them will lend nicely to the photographs I have taken over the past two years.  Others, not so much.  Some of them are actually not bad and others are whiny and I think I should just delete them.  But that is the thing.  I don't delete my work because someday they just might find a new home somewhere.  A bad poem could easily be worked into a story that would then be part of a collection right?  My work may not have more than a handful of people I don't know reading it but you never know.  Those who actually stop and read it seem to like the odd way I tell things. 

Being depressed way back when did lead to some turns of phrase that could lead to interesting romance story ideas...if I actually wrote romances.  Yeah I had two guys take one of my ghost stories as a gothic romance but most don't see that.  Most see the character driven stuff I do, the odd imagery.

Well I put one more of my stories up for free.  Like I said on my other blog, it hasn't moved yet but well it is still early, on a Sunday no less.  Yeah some of the people who actually read my words are in Europe but most are in Canada and the US and well Sundays they sleep in.  Never mind today is officially a holiday here. 

It is quiet, which is good.  I like quiet, means I can write and not have people calling or knocking on the door looking for Kaylan and hammering away at whatever it is my neighbor is building or yelling at the dog to come back.  Yeah it can get noisy here.

I think I am gonna try to go take some photos of nature again today but try to go someplace that isn't the stream across the street.  I have so many really nice pics of over there but really nothing else right now.  I need images from different angles and areas of the creek.  It is a nice cool and comfy place for sure.  Wish I was more flexible than I am now.  It is tricky walking along the paths as they go up and down and not feel my ankles complaining or wobbling.  It would be more than embarassing to hurt myself on Canada day again.  I know Fox doesn't want me to go anywhere because of that accident two years ago.

Okay time to do something else.  Something creative. 

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