Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sun shiny day

Sun is shining and my mood is sooo much better.  Your writer here is thinking that it might be time to try other forms of expression.  Yeah I write, god do I write.  My sotries are all jumbled up in my head and poems only come out during my dark times.  I should have written poetry yesterday.  My camera gets a work out as nature opens her arms to us.  The sun on a leaf, a bug settling down on a branch or a frog hopping in the water.  Okay now I want to go take more photos.  Maybe I should but I started this cause I have been thinking about painting.

Now I have never been the best at the visual arts.  I have some stuff up over on Elfwood.  Drawn ages ago, when my kids were little and I still had art supplies that were mine and only mine.  I feel the need from time to time to draw and well I no longer have the supplies.  I would love a nice sketch pad that I wouldn't have to share with my youngest.  On a nice warm morning I could go over to the stream and okay work my way down to the ground and just sketch nature.  Maybe make pictures with faeries and unicorns and dragons in the nature around me.  I may not be as good as many of my friends but at one time I had a good eye and the ability to draw.  Do I still have it?  Good question.  While baking and crocheting give me an outlet for more tactile expressions of my soul they aren't the same are they?

And something new I want to try is painting.  The dollar stores here have stretched canvas and paints and brushes really cheap.  I have been tossing this about in my mind for months now.  It wouldn't be too expensive this way.  After all a canvas for a buck or two, paints for the same and a bunch of brushes.  Why not?  Yeah we have water color paints and my hubby's paints but I don't want to use his good stuff for what might just be junk.

Should I do it?  Anyone got an opinion?  Anyone reading these posts? 

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