Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Finished writing one on to the next

Okay while I am done the main writing part of Hope Everlasting, yes I do need to do some editing.  That is expected.  But I have decided for a few days to step away from Harry and friends and go back to a much older story.  Oh my was I surprised to get an email begging me to go back to Battle of the Star Beast.  Now that story was one of the ones I lost when I went through the computer crashes years back.  I had forgotten I had posted it up on one of the fiction sites.  Lets not say which one.  So I went and got my files from over there and since they were in htm I had to copy and paste it into a doc file.

Yeah it has been a LONG time since I wrote this one.  Okay  the story is a good one, a mix of Lord of the Rings style fantasy and Star Wars style science fiction.  Yeah I wanted to do an epic and I always wanted to see a cross of science fiction and fantasy with the whole other planes etc.  But oh my this story needs some work.  Parts are good and worth working on.  Parts are written really well, other parts you can tell I wrote over a decade ago.

I'm not sure just how much more work I will do on this right now.  There are forty odd pages to go through right now.  Fragments of sentences, descriptions that need to be reworked and pacing that needs fixing but I can do it.  Once I get through that I should be able to dredge out of my memory exactly where I planned on bringing this story.

When I came up with it I had planned on a three book arc.  Full books, not my usual short stories to novella length.  And who knows it might happen.  I will toss between this and other things of course.  After all I have things like Whether to Save Face or Family, an urban fantasy, Death Walks through, the collection of shorts with Death in them.  And a bunch of other things.  Hell I have the third in the Saga of Loralil Greyfox books in process too.  And that is just the bigger files.  All of you know I have up to 150 odd stories in the works.  Just settling on one to work is the hard part.

Well back to editing Star Beast.  Seeing what is worth keeping and what needs rewriting.  Then I may just take a few hours off to watch a movie and do some Minecrafting.  If my head doesn't decide I need to just close my eyes for a few hours.

Okay those of you who want to read the old old old copy of this it is over on literotica.com  Yeah I said an erotica site.  After all there is erotic elements to this story that make it not reading material for the younger set.  But here you go the link:


There are other stories over there.  Some complete, some not.  Some really not bad...others well...lets just say they are a bit more like porn.  As I have said before I can write anything.  I don't say it is good but I have done children stories to erotica.  Something for everyone.  enjoy.

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