Friday, June 8, 2012

Barnes and Noble

Well looks like I will now be found over on Barnes and Noble, along with Amazon.  Gates just showed up there at a little less than the Amazon price.  I don't mind the reduction, after all it is a little pricey for a paperback.  And as I have been approved by Smashwords for their premium catalog, we should be seeing Knight Protector over there soon.  Can't wait to see what reaction this has.

Here is the opening of the newest story I am working on.  It is called Hope Everlasting and is set in the world of One More All Hallows Eve.  I like Harry.  He is not a rip off of Harry Dresden.  I wrote All Hallows years before I read the Dresden Files.  So here goes.  Hope who ever is reading this has an opinion on this one.


It was still dark when I came out of Undercity but it was lighter than it was below.  I could hear them though before I saw them.  Two large, horrible smells were blocking the alley that led back to my car.  I sighed, preparing to step back when I heard a soft cry.  Normally I ignored the occasional mugging by the street trash on each other but something about that cry made me step forward.
As I got closer I saw two of the least savory creatures that dwelled in Undercity.  They had backed a woman into a corner between the crumbling building on the right and a rusted out dumpster on the left.  They were tall, even half stooped over as they terrorized the much smaller human before them.  "HE says bring the shiny one, we bring."  The one on the left said in a voice that went past gravelly to stone on stone grinding.  Definitely a troll with his ugly cousin, a pair I recognized.  A pair of two bit thugs who hired out to the one with the most meat.  Yes meat.  It was hard in these modern times to find a good meal when you weren't near a stockyards.


Yeah told as a first person.  I have a few of them and I tend to set them in my old home town of Nashua, NH.  If any of you know Nashua, you will recognize the streets.  I have changed things of course.

Now back to writing fiction!

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