Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Looking for writer's prompts or I am stuck, I need an idea

One of the fun things about all the various social networks out there is that a writer can find like minded people to talk about the art and craft of writing. This fall I have found a lot of different places are now putting up writer's prompts in attempted to get content on their pages. They quick often offer either a prize for the winning piece or they might accept your work for an exposure anthology.Now many writers are unsure about submitting anything they write to a website but in the small writers prompts can do a lot for you.

Let us look at this logically. Every writer, every type from poets to epic novelists, will at some point find themselves blocked. Yes, simply getting up and taking a walk can help but what if you can't? Well look around and you will find some helpful person putting up a writing prompt.

This week I spotted one on LinkedIn.  This one has a photo of a gun being fired and the prompt is "the shot" as simple as that. Now as I am still in the middle of getting a novel ready to publish, I am just playing with the prompts and writing flash fictions of various lengths.

If you are a wise author/writer you will play with these prompts, write anything from poems to whole novels if you wish. If you just do a drabble or a flash fiction, well keep them.Even if you don't submit them to the rapidly growing marketplace for flash fiction, you can collect them together and put them out on your own. I am very close to putting out a collection of one hundred drabbles. Yes I wont be charging much for them but like everything you write, these little bits of fiction can build your writers brand.

So try the prompts out. You never know if you are going to write something amazing.

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