Monday, September 8, 2014

The importance of remembering where you posted your work

As a long time scribbler yet only short term published author I have had the fun and joy of trying to remember where I might have posted my work while it was in the stages of being finished. The last place that I remembered I had posted things was over on the erotica site, Literotica. (Yes i write erotica too). Now I had a small following over there with people bugging me from time to time to complete some of the partial stories I posted up here.

For the longest time I forgot that I had work up there. Now I am doing my best to pull those stories down so that i can complete them and of course publish them. Let me tell you this is not as simple as hitting the remove or delete key. It is a bit of a pain in fact.

You see the moderators over there seem to be none existent. I have emailed them multiple times requesting they remove titles or even delete my account with no response in the past TWO YEARS! I have managed to remove titles from the site by submitting the title with revised in it and a note in the body that it is being removed for publication. It takes up to a week but they do pull them down.

For the one or two at a shot it is not so bad but when I have 17 chapters of one title and six more chapters on two other titles, that is a lot of work and annoying.

Folks you better remember this when you post. The work you put up is yours but you have to fight to keep them in your hands. In this world of writing and publishing things change on a daily purpose. From getting signed to a small publisher that seems to disappear from one day to the next, to deciding to rewrite a work that you thought you were done with over a decade ago, you will need to find work arounds.

So do your best to keep your work in your hands. If you decide to post on free sites make sure you can remove things easily and quickly. And never post the complete work if there is a chance that you can sell it later.  Take it from the mad writer, you will regret it.

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