Monday, October 20, 2014

once again the bull..or come on folks get it right!

As a Wiccan I find a lot of what comes out at this time of year a real insult. More and more shows making witches villains yet again. Even more annoying is when shows like CSI are thinking if they put in science and technology that they can show the so called truth of us.  So very very very very wrong!

On CSI they are trying, I will admit. Most Wiccans are not super secretive but in today's overly conservative view of things, we don't put ourselves forward the way many others do. But in this episode that I am watching (via pvr) they get some things right and a lot wrong.  Wicca is not a secret society like those found at universities or political parties. It is a religion, a nature religion. We find all life sacred, Wiccan don't kill, they don't curse people and banishment spells? Really?

Oh by the way Wiccans RARELY use blood for any reason. And they certainly don't use it to grab power! Good that makes me so annoyed!

If a member of a Wiccan coven did something bad enough to require something like that it is called Warlocking!...and yes if they found out he was selling drugs I do believe he would have been warlocked but not in his own sacred space. Wiccans would have used their own sacred space.

It is sad to me that the world of Writers on TV can't see past the crazy prejudice of mass religions toward one of the world's older religions. Wiccans are peaceful people who find nature more sacred than anything else. We watch it, experience it and enjoy it. We do our best to not hurt anyone or any creature if we can help it.

When writers do their research they really really really need to do REAL research. Not this silly shit that they have been doing. Mixing just enough real information with many other non traditional paths is wrong. So wrong that I am ashamed to think that these people consider themselves writers.

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