Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Trying out a new short fiction form

With the advent of people reading on their phones and tablets there has been a rise in the shorter forms of fiction. As a writer of short fiction I have of course delved into these forms. I have written many drabbles and quickie short fictions. Enough to make collections after all.

Well now I plan on playing in the form of a dribble. You all know that a drabble is a 100 word fiction, well a dribble is a 50 word fiction. Exactly 50.  So far I have only two of them but here they are. They are a very fast write and a great way to express a scene.

Lady of Blood
By Lisa Williamson

I stand, waiting for him to come. Dressed in the finest of satin and lace, my gown dipped in the blood of his enemies and the ashes of their homes. It has made patterns, lovely upon the train that spreads behind me. I am the bride of the lord Blood.

And this one

Snow magic
By Lisa Williamson

Do you see me standing here? White is my coat, dappled with spots like shadows. The snow about me, covering the ground and the trees, is a simple shad different than I. The frosty environment that surrounds me hides my majesty. Can you see me? You can if you try.

Short and hopefully to the point. A fun ting to do when you need to write but just don't feel up to a longer piece. Hopefully I can do lots of these and put together a collection like I am doing with the others.

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