Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Combining two art forms to make something beautiful

Okay I don't think of myself as all that good at either poetry or photography, but when I combine the two I have some lovely pieces.

I only just discovered these way of displaying my words and images together this summer. Firstly I have of course been taking photos of flowers and nature since I was a child. I know I have a good eye,but I was never sure what I could do to display them.

Well I decided that I would play around with some of the shorter poetry forms and while these are the the worlds deepest poems, they are pleasant and soothing in many cases. Crossing them with some of my better images was just a logical step.

I started with the acrostic and cinquian poems I wrote. You can look up what those styles are and you will see that they make a perfect set of words for a photo poem.  Here are the three cinquain that I wrote and then played with:

As you can see, a simple form that easily rests on top of the images I have. The form is one, two, three, four, one...simple form but surprisingly difficult to write something touching.

Next we have the four Acrostic poems I wrote:

Again a fun project. Acrostic poems spell out a word on the vertical. And can be as little as two lines all the way up to whatever, I guess. I found went i was cropping and resizing the images that I had that lovely close up of a bee.

Finally I have just today been playing with some of my haiku. I have a lot more of those poems, so I will be putting them up in the following weeks but here is a brief example:

All of the photos you see were taken with a simple and cheap digital camera. No fancy phone camera, no high end expensive equipment. Just my eye and the built in zoom on the camera. I don't spend a lot of time in framing my images, I just see something I want to photograph and I frame it up. Simple images, a good eye and a little patience...oh yes..and an open and willing heart.

Another thing I have started on is doing poems for old photographs. You know those wonderful black and white (or sepia) photos that we all have stashed away someplace. I decided to us for my first stab at this a beautiful photo of my mother when she was sixteen. That would make the photo from 1956. My mom was still a sweet and innocent girl here. Life had yet to defeat dreams (I think)

I know this is harder to read but it is delicate, like my mom. I only have this one done so far but I hope to do many more, if I can get the old photos from my mother.

And finally I have one free verse poem I did:

Not as good as the others but I will work these out. My nature free verses I think will work that best with my photos. Only time will tell.

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