Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Now for something different...a comic book review

Yup I know I have been doing short story reviews and images over here but this week I got the gift of my very own tablet. So of course the first thing I did...access digital comics! The hubby is a tech guru and has managed to set me up so I can read comics. The first thing I did was go and get the newest Elfquest series. The Final Quest. I am happily reading through these as fast as I can (okay only the first time and yes i will read it over and over)

The first story brought me right back into why I adore this series. The issue brought me all the way back to the first issue I read way back in 1982. The sights and stories...wow. The Pinis are some of the most amazing creators I have read over the years.

Yes i call them creators. They write, draw and edit the whole thing and that makes them creators.

This first issue is bringing the elves of this scattered world back together with new characters, new relationships and new troubles. It is supposed to tie up all the various dangling threads that exist in the older world of Elfquest and I think I spotted a note that they will be gathering together the strings from Future Quest and completing that too!

As a fan I have been waiting oh so many years for these stories to be completed. And I will be breathlessly waiting for each and every issue.

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