Tuesday, May 12, 2015

This week how about comics?

I received the gift of a tablet and I have been enjoying reading e copies of comics with it. One of the current trends in fantasy is authors doing short stories as graphic novels. From Jim Butcher to Sherrilyn Kenyon we get fill in stories that are richer in their own ways than the novels that bookmark them.

So far I have been reading what I can get my hands on. From Jim Butcher I have been enjoying reading War Cry, a short tale set after Harry was first drafted into being a warden. The images are dark and the story is like watching a serious action film. There are all the punches you want to see in good Urban fantasy. While I only have four issues so far this is really good. The first three issues are from Harry's POV and the fourth switches to his brother, Thomas' POV. Lots of fun is found inside the pages of this series and I can't wait to pick up the rest of this series as it comes out.

Another Butcher graphic novel is Ghoul Goblin. This one is set a lot earlier in Harry's career and deals with a contest between a ghoul and a goblin for who will kill the most members of a designated family. Again I have read the whole thing yet but another great tale from the pen of one of my all time favorite authors.

The first in the graphic novels done by Jim Butcher was Welcome to the Jungle. A four part graphic novel that was set very early in this universe. If you can pick up this one and start the world here. Like Mr Butcher's various short stories it really does add to your enjoyment to the world that he created.

I am working on picking up manga now to read on my tablet. Having a wee bit of trouble but soon it should work.

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