Monday, May 18, 2015

Another comic review....Black Bird...wait that is a manga!

Welcome back readers. As I said before I now have a tablet which I can read comics on. What a joy this is for sure. Moving all the ecomics I have over has been a trial for sure. Thank goddess for having a computer guru hubby. I just am not used to the android OS.

Now as the title says I am reviewing manga this week. One of the joys of the world wide web is the easy access to titles from around the world. Back in my more paper filled world I had discovered this sweetly dark magic filled series called Black Bird. In this series we have the typical cute young girl who is more than she seems. Misao seems like a slightly off young woman. She falls down a lot and cries at odd times. In reality this young woman is being swarmed by creatures that no one else can see. Mushi (remember those from Mushishi?) find her irristable.

In comes a handsome young man who also can see those 'demons' and offers to help her. Only problem is he is not what he seems. He gets her out of the open and then proceeds to attack her, claiming that he wants her blood! No he isn't a vampire. He is a demon and it turns out that Misao is something called a Senka. A once in a hundred years human girl who is born special. Demons who drink her blood will live longer and grow stronger, those that eat her flesh will become immortal and the one who 'embraces' her will become the head of their clan.

Yup another magic filled series. This one is at heart a romance though. Kyou comes to her rescue, fighting and chasing off the other demon. He is a tall and handsome young man who explains things to her. Though of course he is more than he seems. You see Kyou is a Tengu, a Japanese shapeshifting Crow spirit. very cool of course. It turns out he was Misao's closest friend when they were little and he went away ten years ago. He is back to claim her to be his bride and the story goes on from there.

So far I have read through to chapter 46 (issue 13) and I am thoroughly hooked on this one. The art is amazing, the characters are rich in the way that only Japanese myth characters can be and the love story has a sweetness that is quite often over looked. It does from time to time descend into cliche but for the most part this is a fabulous series. One well worth spending the time to pick up and read.

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