Monday, April 20, 2015

My take on mysteries

Okay lately if you have been following my book reviews over on booklikes you can see that I have been reading a lot of mysteries. I like the ones that have a touch of fun in them. Be it a witch using her wonky magic to figure out who committed the crime, or a talented older gentleman with a twitchy mustache and a cat with 60 whiskers or a young woman who runs a vintage clothing store. All of these tales have a bit of fun and a lot of mystery.

I have heard a number of people who seem to have trouble with this. Like that a lighter mystery should not be written, that they should all be dark procedural type stories. Well I disagree of course. I totally enjoy reading things that are just off the beaten path, so to speak. In a world that is rather dark lately i is nice ot be able to read something a wee bit lighter.

If you are wondering what I am talking about well go over to my book review blog

I have reviewed both new and old books, traditionally published and indie, paperback/hardcover and ebooks. It is a bit of a cross section of what I read obviously. We, as readers, need to try to read lots of different types of books and in today's world we have so many choices. Don't decide something isn't worth reading just because it is not in your favorite genres or is not trad or indie. You need to keep an open mind.

I don't have a short story review for you this week so I will do a few pics. With all the trouble lately with people posting images I think maybe I should stick to posting images of my own

Okay these are oldies for me. I drew them a long time ago and they are characters from my stories...mostly...that blonde one I am not sure who she is yet. Next week I will probably just toss up a few images of critters, who knows right?

And just for a bit of fun how about a nice drabble to end this blog?

Giving a lift to a friend.

I gave a lift to my slow friend yet all he did was tell me to slow down. He needed to be at the altar by the time the sun was lowering to the ground, but still he thought I was moving too fast. Really? Me, going too fast? A tortoise I am and proud of it. Just because he is a snail doesn’t mean he can tell me I am going too fast. I mean come on! His brother raced past us just this morning. I told him that I would get him there on time, and I will. 

(Yeah I know it isn't mine but it is funny!)

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