Monday, January 27, 2014

Review of a paranormal romance series...yes I do read that stuff

Well with all the snow that seems to never stop I have been reading a lot.  Instead of being the good little writer that I am I have been catching up on new authors and their series.  This weekend since I was having trouble sleeping due to arthritis pain I managed to read all of the current Chicagoland Vampire books by Chloe Neill.

Oh this series was fun.  Starting with the common problem of a lot of heroines of not asking to be made into a vampire this story could have gone so many very ways.  Thankfully it was handled beautifully.  This series, while officially a paranormal romance, doesn't get into the romance part until the middle of the series.  The attraction/repulsion between the heroine and her maker is handled very well.

Like always I find myself enjoying more the secondary characters in this series.  Luc, the guard captian, Lindsey, one of the guards.  Jeff, the shifter computer genius, Chuck, the grandfather/retired cop and currnet head of the Omnibud office.  all this characters give a great depth to the tales being woven.

I looked over the reviews on amazon and I was surprised at the negativity in some of them.  The advantage of sitting down and reading the entire series in one shot you get a chance to see the characters develop and grow, the story unfold and all the interesting threads that are being woven.  Other reviewers seem to think that the sixth and seventh book were not as good as the ones previous and I have no idea why.  I found that the tale slowly evolved just as it should.  There was no stutters, no overworked bits or skinny light bits.  This is a fun series.  Not too dark or too light, a nice mix of good writing, great characterizations and interesting battles.  So I would say get this one for sure.

Now the author has another series.  This second one has not grabbed me the way that Chicagoland Vampires did but then it is a YA paranormal.  As much as I find I like paranormals, I am not so into ones meant for teens.  They tend to be less..everything for me.  While they are the most popular genre out there right now the stories most times just come off too light.  Occasionally you get something amazing but so far Ms Neill's Dark Elite series just doesn't grab me.  I will have to try again and hope it does.

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