Monday, January 20, 2014

Patricia Briggs

Okay I admit it, I have been a bad, bad blogger and writer.  I have taken time off to just sit back and read a few books.  Now if you know me you will realize that a few books is not two or three but more like ten.  I decided I needed to read and I just sat back and started with Ms Briggs Alpha and Omega books.  I had read her Mercy Thompson books before and this nice little series about Charles and Anna are a great pairing.

She deftly deals with the type of damage that being made into a rape toy would have on a woman.  As a turned werewolf Anna should have been taken care of, taught what she should be.  As an Omega she should have been treasured.  Charles' reaction to her is beautifully handled.

As an author I find I enjoy the well told tale even more.  A lot of writers tell me that they get caught up in structure and grammar or other little things.  I will say yes I found some things bug me more but I also have found I really understand and enjoy the work that goes into these tales.  The research and the understanding of how things should be.

These three books are strong examples of good storytelling.  They were so good and of course I had to go back and re read the Mercy Thompson books that I had all ready read.  thankfully there were three more that I had not read and one more on the way.  Spending a full day and half reading is a way of being recharged as a writer.

So today I honor Patricia Briggs and her amazing characters.  The rich world she has created filled with coyotoes, werewolves and magic is well worth spending time in.

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