Monday, January 6, 2014

I have two new little friends!

Okay not so much friends as I have built two new gundams.  I am getting better at them and they don't take me as much time as I expect them to anymore.  No they aren't as cool as the ones my hubby builds but they are rather nice and cute.  So here you go

Okay these are of the same two little guys (or not so little on one of them).  I did not take these..these were taken by a combo of my daughter and my hubby...they are fun little guys.  both of them convert to other modes but I generally keep them in the same form all the time but my hubby loves to play with them.  I have another one coming in the mail soon that will be a centaur!  And it can combine with others so I will probably take one photo with legs, horn and wings...just cause I can!

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