Friday, November 15, 2013

Today we are going for the writer of News Thrillers...James Anderson

Mr Anderson is a Canadian who writes some interesting takes on the thriller genre.  Most books I have read in this field were set in the US of course.  He sets his in Canada...lots of fun as you can see

Checkmate & Other Stories

Checkmate & Other Stories
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4.0 out of 5 stars three very different tales, September 26, 2013
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I have read Mr Anderson's work before and expected a good solid read with these tales.

The first tale was very different from what I have come to expect from this author. Written in present tense it jarred me at first but it fit the story perfectly. The oddness of this tale is the perfect creepy for a night time read.

The second tale is more what I expected. With great research and an understanding of the Canadian presence in the war it was both touching and sad.

The third tale was fun. I learned something about Canada that I didn't know about as a new resident to this country. 

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4.0 out of 5 stars A good beginning, April 7, 2013
This review is from: DEADLINE (Kindle Edition)
Having read the sequel to this book before I read this one I thought it would be a bit smoother. For a first book by an author it is a great look behind newspaper writers. The characters are rich and occasionally cliched but fun to read.

The only real drawback to this fine read is that the two story lines in this book don't mess well. By his second book Mr Anderson has managed to mesh the multiple story lines much better.

I wanted to learn more about Trevor and you will as you move through the series. While jerky in places this book shows that the author knew his topic. Spending years in the Newspaper business gave this story a feel that none of us looking in from the outside could put across believably.

Read this book and move on to the next.
The Scorpion

The Scorpion
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4.0 out of 5 stars Bad guys and bombs, November 4, 2012
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This review is from: The Scorpion (Kindle Edition)
At first I was a little confused. This is a new genre for me as I tend to watch spy thrillers, not read them. But as I was pulled into the story I came to feel for the newsman hero. Written in almost a diary like style with each day a heading, the story evolved, bringing in bits and pieces to a stuttering climax. The villain seems to be much like most of the modern villains, in it for the money but in the end you see what he really is.

Mr Anderson tells the story like a true journalist and I can easily see this story being transformed to a movie. The ending came a wee bit too fast for me but over all a great effort with a current topic. I loved it being set outside of the US or Britain. Definitely an author I plan to read more of. Read him and see that not all political/spy/war games have to happen in the big three.
The third and final book in his series is out now.  I just have to find the funds to pick up a copy.  Try it out folks.  This series is fun.

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