Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Making a frankenstein afghan or oh geez how many unfinished sweaters did she have?

As a lot of you know my mother in law was a knitter.  She made lovely sweaters for my daughter and her other grandchildren.  When she passed away I found a TON of yarn (mostly in pink) and many many many unfinished projects.  Now usually I try to work on one thing at a time when it comes to my yarn crafts.  I have used up all the squares she left making up some nice little afghans that help us stay warm but I found a lot of sweater sleeves as I went through the bags and bags of yarn left when she passed.

One of the piles I found had a lot of yellow, green and black sweater pieces and I thought I would instead of tearing them out and balling them up to just piece them together.  This lead to a very strange piece.  As you can imagine with knitted sleeves they are not squares or rectangles.  but I perservered.  With a bit of patience and a lot of creativity I managed to finish up a good size afghan. 

Now it didn't quite come out even but I expected that.  I had to make sections myself.  Using my afghan hook and two other regular hooks I filled in the spots that didn't quite match up.  The photos below show you just what you can actually do.

So this crazy quilt style afghan is a mix of many different knit and crochet stitches.  Of the parts I made myself I used the afghan stitch and the basic single stitch.  I used the single stitch again to put the parts together.  Oddly enough this blanket feels lighter than I expected but it is big enough to cover me up nicely on the couch.  So you see you can use anything to make your afghans. 

You don't just have to recycle the yarn and spend ages pulling it out of the shape it is in.  With a bit of patience and creativity you can piece together something that will look fun and funky on your couch or chair.

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