Monday, October 21, 2013

Thanking about new book trailers

When you are a writer there are so many things you have to do.  You have to write, edit, make covers and market your work.  Used to be in the days of the big publishers you could just write and they would do the rest but now a days the big publishers don't do anything more than take money out of their writers pockets.  So of course self publishing is the way to go.

As a self publisher I am always trying to get my work out to the public in a finished form.  I don't take enough time to market my work because I am not that good at marketing.  But one thing I can do is make book trailers.

Just like a movie trailer a book trailer is meant to catch the eye of the consumer and hopefully induce them to part with their hard earned money.  In my case not much of it since my work is on the less costly pricing goes from free to about $4.99 for ebooks or up to $9.99 for paperbacks.  While I am rethinking the pricing of my items I am also thinking about making more trailers.

Trailers can be fun to make and really are best if they are under a minute long.  Most of mine are a simple 30 seconds of images, text and music.  Here are is an example.

This is a great example of what I can do given a bit of time.  As of now I have twenty nine completed.  This is a good number but when you have sixty odd titles for sale and a number more finished and just needing covers, well I am way behind aren't I?

The hardest part is coming up with the right image for each trailer.  I don't want to over use the music and well there are only so many hours in a day right?  I have seven tales in my finished folder that don't have covers.  Never mind that I have nine tales that are in various stages of publication in outside anthologies.  A lot of stories that need videos

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