Monday, October 14, 2013

Some times SDs are bigger than the normal

What does that mean you ask?  Well for those of you who know me, you know I have started following my hubby's hobby of building gundam models.  I do the SD or super deformed mostly.  Why?  Because they are cuter than all get out.  They are colorful and have silly weapons and are simpler (some are but not all) to build.  They average only a few inches in height and are just plain fun to build and take photos of.

Well yesterday I got a new one that we expected to be a bit bigger than the normal SD.  The last one I did that was larger was the size of the 1/144 models and was more complicated than the usual SD models.  Well I was a bit off on the estimate of size.  This little creature was far from little.  In his completed large size he was the size of my hubby's 1/100 models!

To give you an idea the partial image to the right of the top pick is a 1/144 Zaku.  He is just a huge model.  Took me longer than I expected and my dearest hubby helped me in the end with the stickers and putting the sections together properly.

The cool thing about this model is that it converts.  You can bring it down to its SD base size (which is a huge blocky thing, we call him Mr Blocky) or you can convert it to a base that allows you to put other SDs on display on it.  Personally of course I like him this way and plan on keeping him big.  

It is hard to see in these photos but the wings in the back have the image of pheonixes in flame.  All in all this was a difficult but fun bit of building for me.  I am still a rookie when it comes to kits but I built it (mostly by myself) in one day.

My next kit will be a dual set that includes a shiny metal SD and a crystal SD...yeah crystal...still plastic but the pieces are see through and will sparkle when lit up.  We plan on displaying it using a lighted stand.  Should be fun.

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