Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Crystal and Gold lead to some interesting little guys

Well yesterday the hubby and I decided to build the dual set we picked up.  Inside were your normal sized gundams but the best part was that one was all gold metal and the other was clear plastic parts in various colors.

They took barely anytime for use to put them together.  The hubby beat me by a few minutes but then he has been building longer than I have.  Here are what they look like.

As you can see the top images are of the crystal one I built.  I had a funky light that doesn't quite make it past his chest but it changes colors making my little guy look really cool!

The bottom image is of my new metal guy.  Not as good a pic as it could have been but some days I just can't seem to take good photos

And they looks so cool on horses that I just had to post this one (again) I am looking into getting a few more horses.  Found one that is a Pegasus!  That would be way cool right?

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