Friday, October 25, 2013

Back to working with yarn

With a friend having a baby I got to play with different ways of making things.  Crocheting a carriage blanket and making little bootie shoes and using my knitting loom to make a hat and scratch mits.

Now you might not know what scratch mits are so let me explain.  Scratch mits are little finger/thumbless mittens to cover a newborn's hands and keep them both warm and stop them from scratching themselves and you.  They are very simple to make and dont need much yarn at all.  As you can see by this picture they are kinda cute and I used a simple braided cord for the tie on.

The other thing I made up was of course that carriage blanket.  Simple strips in shades of green done in single stitch and then multiple rows of double stitches around the outside.  This is not a square blanket because it is meant to tuck around a baby in his/her carriage.  It is pretty and warm and that is essential at this time of year.

One of the best things about doing baby stuff is if you have a lot of left over yarn from other projects you can use it up making things for babies.  If you don't have any yourself why not make them up and donate them to the local neonatal unit at your nearest hospital?  They never have enough warm and colorful things for the babies in their care.  The more they have the better those babies will do.  Or give them to your local women and children's shelter.  A good deed makes your day and may make their month.

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