Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Well at it again

Typed up yesterdays notes.  So much fun typing up the dialog for a four year old medium.  The way they say things is hard to replicate at an adult.  I can hear it but did I type it right?  Never know.

Chaos war book one is now over 30K words.  That is a lot of words for me and I have not got to the climatic battle yet.  Who knows how big this horse will be when I finish?  I sure don't but it has been fun.  All these fun little secondary characters just keep forcing themselves into my narrative.  Who would have thought of a four year old medium..really?

Okay time to pick up the pen and scribble more notes.  Don't know why this flows better from fingers to pen to keyboard but that is how this story is going.  I just might finish it if I pay attention!

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