Saturday, August 18, 2012

Morning world

Since I decided to take off yesterday and not work on my books I am actually feeling pretty good today.  Read one of the books I was behind on and it wasn't an ebook from one of my indie author homeboys and girls.While I am more than happy to support them, read them and review them sometimes I just want to read one of the big name authors I love so much.

Now I had planned on sitting down and reading Cold Days by Jim Butcher but as readers know the book got delayed till November!  Which is an ouchie for those of us who ADORE Dresden files.  Best series ever!

But that was okay I am seriously behind on a lot of books thanks to the lack of MONEY in our house.  So I splurged and got Born in Silence by Sherrilyn Kenyon.  I love all of her work, have for a while now.  The mix of dark brooding heroes that are damaged.  The not spectacularly beautiful heroines and the trials they go through are my cup of tea.  Okay I try to write as well as she does but I am a faint copy after all.

This book as always caught my attention from the get go.  I sat down at the mall and started to read, blissfully ignoring the people walking by.  I got to do this since my sweet hubby took our rambunctious monster to the near by toy store and left me alone for a good half hour 45 minutes.  Okay I didn't finish it there and I had to wait till the next morning to pick it back up but once I did I settled in with a pot of cinnamon tea and read for the entire morning.  Loved the ups and downs, the mistakes, the prejudice and the redemption that abounds in her work.  Another keeper to be added to my bookshelf and savored over and over again.  All in all my day off from being the author/artist/video graphic artist, publicist, etc was good.  Finished my book, played some Mindcraft and cooked.  Just had a good day. 

Now back to my regularly scheduled messes of writing, making covers, trailers, cooking, laundry, cleaning and answering the ever present, Mommy I'm bored can we go for a walk/play a game?

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