Monday, May 12, 2014

My newest tiny friend...or oh wow an SD SD

As you all know yesterday was Mother's Day here in North America (Cananda and the US for sure). I had a great day, receiving a home made dragon pendant from the hubby and a funky heart shaped nut from my youngest, a call from my oldest..and I think a text from the middle child.

Since the hubby was home and I had a kit I had yet to build I thought it was time to do something with the hubby.  And of course we had to take pictures of this little guy.  Now the kit is one of the older ones out there.  Now I don't read Japanese and yes this is a kit from Japan but I looked at the number.  This kit's number is 158...seems like a high number to those not in the know but for those of us getting an idea it means this kit is quite old in fact.  Well for a gundam kit.  Released in 2010 and selling for around $3.50 it was a cheap yet fun kit.  This is a simple build really.  The arms are only two parts and most of the colors are done by stickers but it was something for the hubby and I to do together.

What was truly fun about this kit is that when you remove all the fancy armour you can slid him into one of our other kits, making that other kit a mecha suit for a gundam!  As you will see from the photos I am attaching.

Lets start out with completed images of this little guy

As you can see he is rather colorful with all those foily stickers. The top picture is him inside his big boy armor...okay that is how I saw it.  You see he is compensating for being small by adding on platform feet and big wings.

What he actually is is this little figure

 Tiny dont you think?  He wants to play with the big boys so he puts on his armor

He even steals the wings off of other figures, showing just how flexible he is but mostly he decides that he needs to be able to take on the big guys!  That would be the 1/100 gundam guys

So as you can see these are fun little guys and most of my SD gundams can trade pieces between each other. Makes for some playtime fun and hopefully I will get a working camera and go nuts with little dioramas

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