Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Victoria Day everyone

Yup it is a stat holiday up here in Canada.  There were a ton of booms last night from all the neighbors lighting off fire crackers.  It was rather nippy for what should be the kick off to the summer here with the temps dropping down to freezing last night but we deal right?

I have been a very busy writer type, getting To Save Face or Family out but I did do some reading this week of course!  Decided to read three of Phaedra Weldon's books and started a fourth one.  She has a fun take on OOB or out of body traveling and ghosts.

Here are three quick reviews which i will expand over on my BookLikes blog.


A very interesting paranormal.  Zoe is a Traveler, that is a being who can go OOB or Out of Body.  She has a small business as a snoop or private investigator.  She basically goes as a disembodied spirit and listens in on conversations.  No cheating spouses though.  Just business transactions.  She gets hired to listen in on a conversation but instead witnesses a murder most scary.  Well worth reading and this book makes you want to read more.


The follow up to Wraith, in this book we get more tension in the form of men who are interested in our Zoe.  She has all the same issues that most heroines of this genre have.  That is she wants the man who can't or won't understand what she is and is just not attracted to the ones who are (or is she?)


Third book and whoa does this series pick up speed. Lots of danger, lots of intrigue and lots of confused Zoe.  She needs to pick a man and pick the right now.  I can see this series of books being picked up by one of the networks.  It would make a great tv show. 

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