Monday, May 5, 2014

Been doinga bit of reading...or how about some book reviews

Being a good reader takes a lot of time away from being a really good writer. So many books and so little time after all.  Lucky for me I am a fast reader right?

This past week I have discovered the fun books by Annette Blair.  so far they are all set in New England, my old stomping grounds.  They are fun, fast reads with flirty characters, steamy sex and oh yeah...witches.

Now I have had issues before with how witches are portrayed in fiction.  I have ranted about it but this time I won't.  The lovely ladies in Ms Blair's books are pretty much how I would love to see witches done.  Sassy, smart and working at helping the world around them.

The first one I read was Sex and the Psychic Witch.  This is a fun new take on the paranormal romance category. Mostly light in tone, the novel is a fun, fast read.  This author is is definitely one to follow.

Next came the Scot, The Witch and the Wardrobe.  Another fun romp by Ms Blair.  Magic, dreams, a curse and an unexpected family reunion make this lighter hearted story worth reading.  While at times the heroine seems too stubborn to be real and the story moves a little fast, this tale has all the classics needed fora fun paranormal romance.  Well worth the read.

Finally I have finished up a third is My Favorite Witch. Continuing with her witches series this lovely book has all the classic things needed fora good romance.  A hunky guy, a beautiful woman who thinks she isn't, tension, sex and a happy ending.  Throw in adorable kids, talking crows and a deaf kitten and what more could you ask for?

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