Sunday, September 15, 2013

Book trailers, why make them?

Back when I first took the challenge of publishing my work one of the things that scared me the most was marketing my work.  Having no money and little idea of what to do I turned my attention to what I found on social media.

Some of the biggest named authors (at least that I read) started to do book trailers.  Like a movie trailer it is a teaser to get people interested in reading your work. 

For a while I went nuts on these.  I found that making these is a lot of fun.  The optimal length for me is 30 seconds.   I have made most of them on line with an online program called one true media.  They let you do all kinds of things but if you want to do them for free you are a bit limited on actions.

The nice part about this is that you can directly upload them to YouTube and facebook with just a click of your button.  That certainly makes getting them out there easy.

Because I have been so very busy writing and releasing stories by themselves and as part of collections and anthologies I have gotten behind on doing these.

If you would like to see some of my trailers you can find them on YouTube

There are book trailers, poem videos, nature photography videos and even my fun nerf videos

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