Monday, March 2, 2015

A review and art, what else?

Today I thought I would comment on a short story from Bitten by Cupid. This anthology only had three tales in it but they were good ones.

The story I am reviewing from this collection is Vampire Valentine by Lynsay Sands. Another story in her Argeneau stories. In this one we meet Mirabeau and Tiny. Mirabeau is a female hunter who lost her family at the tender of of 17 and Tiny is a human who works for the family. Together they are in charge of taking Stephanie to safety. This story is almost up her usual well written tales. As always she gives us rich characters with back stories that make you want lots more. In fact that problem is is that she did not quite finish the story. Two or three more pages would have made this novella go from great to amazing. It is obvious to me that Ms Sands is not quite used to writing in the shorter form. As a writer of short stories I can understand how hard it is to work in that form. She is a really great author and I plan on reading as many of those books as I can.

Now how about some lovely fantasy art from the past?

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