Monday, March 24, 2014

Flash fiction...telling stories on the shorter side

Well it has been a while since I did these.  Wrote tales that are longer than the hundred word drabble but shorter than a short story.  For me a piece of flash fiction is a tale that is between 101 words and 500 words.  These are scenes, thoughts or just an image that needed to be written down.  Generally they are inspired by an image and yes most of the images I have used were found online.  Not all but well, that is the fun thing of the internet right?  So how about a few little fun pieces of fiction.  Shorter than short but hopefully you will enjoy them?

This first one was inspired by a painting of a silver haired male elf...

Wounded and wild
By Lisa Williamson

He stands they before you, long hair spilling down like moonlight on skin firm.  His eyes look deep into your soul and you don’t care.  There is a secret there between you, one that you are afraid to let be seen.  All you know is you want to lean forward, to caress those lips with your own and run your fingers over the scars on his skin, soothing him.  Will he let you or will he strike?  Can you sooth the beast that peeks out of those eyes or will it strike you and drain you of heart’s blood?  Take a deep breath beloved for you will never know if you don’t try it.

This next one is from a photograph I took one WARM and sunny day.  Can't wait for warm and sunny days to reappear

The Girl with the wheel barrel
By Lisa Williamson

Everyday she works in your garden but do you see her?  Do you see the tiny girl with the wheel barrel pushing it filled with weeds?  Well I do.  She is a lovely little thing, doing her best to make your garden look as it should.  You say she is just a statue but do you really see?  When you aren’t watching, she pinches off the insects, pulls out the weeds and carts them away.  Every morning before the sun truly rises, she is out there working, making your walkway as pretty as can be.  Give her your thanks.  Even if she can’t hear you in the day.

 And lastly this little bit.  Images bring a lot to mind with me.  So why not this on a cold and snow filled day?

Dreaming of the sand
by Lisa Williamson

Soft sand and warm water, kissed by rainbows and sunlight, now this is a dream we all can enjoy.  Lying back on the beach and watching the waves slowly lap up from the sea.  The mountains in the distance covered in blue green forests, cool and comfortable and filled with secrets unknown to man. 

I would love to spend a day and night there listening to the sounds of nature and letting all my worries drift away but reality draws me ever backwards.  Dreaming is fine for so many things but dreams can't save me now.

The snow runs deep and the cold is bone chilling.  I shudder and wrap the blankets tight around me and lie back in the dark, hoping that once more I can dream about the soft sand and warm water, with you lying at my side.  Sweet are the dreams of you at my side.

So you see we can write fun things that don't take a lot of words.  I will continue to put up these little flash fictions in a bunch of different places.  If you like these you can find my drabbles on or on one of my other blogs on  Why not try doing one or more of these on your own?

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