Monday, July 6, 2015

I'm back...

Between working on my newest novel, having a three day migraine and the off and on again heat I haven't remembered to post over here have I? Well I thought why not post today?

The fun of having a tablet leaves me with so many things to read. I of course have spent time reading a lot of the comics I have on my computer. So this week I will be reviewing Graphic novel adaptions of novels.

First lets start with more work by one of my all time favorite authors, Jim Butcher. While he has been doing graphic novels between his novels, he has also had a few of his books turned into a graphic novel series. This weekend I settled back and read Fool's Moon. I know the novel really well since of course I have read it a few times. While I don't totally like how they drew my favorite characters I will say this was a lot of fun to read. A different feel of course than reading just the written word. The full colors and the way they dealt with the magic was rich and eye catching. So I obviously think this should be read by all you comic book lovers.

Next I decided to settle back and read the Mercy Thompson four part series. This takes place as far as I can tell before the first book in her series. Very much in the same style as Fool's Moon the colors are dark but rich. And once more they give you a clear idea of what the characters look like. I really enjoyed this one and of course recommend you read it.

Hopefully next week I will have a whole bunch of D&D comics to read and review. Just need to get them onto my tablet. Enjoy the world of color and words friends and have a great summer.

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