Tuesday, December 30, 2014

This blog 2014 in review

Today I am going through all my blogs and just doing a year in review. This particular blog has been a weird one. I have talked about everything from poetry, book reviews, hobbies to writing. I have even ranted on this particular blog. Hopefully during 2015 this bog will settle into a specific type blog like my others. I have my Suteko blog to ramble about writing, my Books by Lisa for cover reveals and excerpts, my cooking blog, my crafting blog and my photography blog. Never mind the ones i have done on storyEnet and LinkedIn...now those two will most likely stay about the technical aspects of my chosen craft but this blog? You never know.

A breakdown of the past year shows that I have done as follows

Rants 4
Writing comments 24
reviews 15
hobbies 4

Now to be honest I have started up a page over on Booklikes where I should be doing all my book reviews and I will go that way next year. I will mostly likely stick to my rants over here. Why rants you ask? Well see like any other person I do get HIGHLY annoyed by some things. The rants I have done have mostly about what got under my skin. So I may just do that. Stick to blogs about what gets under my skin.

I thank all of you who have read these blogs. Hopefully I can balance out hobbies (other than crafts) and rants about things here enough that you will not be turned off this blog.

If you are interested in reading my other blogs here are the links to them:

My food blog        https://anewenglandcookincanada.wordpress.com/
My craft blog         http://suteko.blog.com/
My excerpt blog    https://booksbylisawilliamson.wordpress.com/
My main blog        http://suteko.wordpress.com/
LinkedIn blog        https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20140626122129-184618682-writing-genre-fiction?published=t

Looks like StoryEnet is back up and running. Now finding me over there is a bit tricky. Here is a link to one of my pieces and you go from there


My old Livejournal account I use for movie/anime/tv show and game reviews is here


And I have a Myspace account that I hope to use more over the next year to do reviews of music and audio books/poems. I have linked my readings of my own poetry there all ready


Happy New year to you all!

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