Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Why is Peter Pan always played by a woman?

Now not that I have a problem with women playing male roles, because I don't. I believe the best person for the role should be given the role. But today I was watching tv and up came a bit about the new live action Peter Pan that will be broadcast next month. And like it seems normal, there is a woman playing the boy who never grows up.

Now I can see why they want a woman. We are smaller, lighter, etc but really why not hire one of those men who are just that? There are a lot of men who are small and light and have high tenor voices. Are we not casting them because they have five o'clock shadows? Because they have a telltale bulge or Adam's apple? Really?

If you do a bit of research you will see that almost every time Peter has been cast with a woman in the role. Now I can understand doing that twenty five or fifty years ago. Our society hasn't been very accepting of the more delicate males historically but I am very sure we have many many many men who would fit this role perfectly.

In one article I read they said that the casting was done with a woman so they would not have to cast bigger kids to offset the size of the actor playing Peter but there are a lot of shorter, thinner men in the ranks of actors. Why not hire on of them? All you have to do is go look to Broadway. There are many men playing all kinds of roles on the stage so why not on TV?

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